For the next week, I shall be blogging about our travels to the great land of Paris, France because it was, indeed, a blessing to my soul.

First of all, I shall define “we.”  ‘Twas myself, my niece Grace and my nephew Matthew.  Grace and I have talked about visiting Paris for years and years.  This post details how the trip came about…this very short notice trip.  (I am a little freaky and OCD about trip planning – everything must be known and detailed before going in order to eliminate wasted time while there.  So, planning a week long trip to France was a bit stressful and crazy, but we got ‘er done!)  As far as Matthew going, well, we welcomed him to our short notice trip with welcome arms (especially since he is great at toting heavy luggage.)

So, here we are on the day of departure.  Family came to the airport to wish us bon voyage on this epic journey.


I am lumping the first two days together, because if I just wrote about the first day, the post would end here.  Actually, the post would not even exist, because this is a “blessings” blog, and I’m sorry, but sitting all cramped legged and straight backed in an airplane that is only showing bad movies for a total of 12 hours and then maneuvering train stations and gobs of people the next “morning” when at home it is still 3:00 AM and then dragging copious amounts of luggage through Parisian streets, not knowing where in the world that stupid street your apartment is on is located…yeah, noooooot so much a blessing.  Ok, I guess the fact that on the plane ride we got two meals WAS a blessing of sorts.  It made me squeak with delight.

Disclaimer:  everything posted on the internet always seem to be better than in real life.  Our trip was AWESOME, but to keep it real here, this is what I wrote in my journal after our first day in the city, “…Not very exciting. City loud, busy, crowded and stinky – not very romantic at all…”  Ok, so I was a little tired and cranky that day.  It wasn’t so awful in the end (though the city DID stink).

Anyway, from past experiences and from advice from others, I know to jump into the current time zone and NOT take a very long, hibernating-type of nap right away.  So jump in we did.  Well, Grace and I did.  Matthew was not feeling so well as he was still recovering from the flu.  He slept a very long, hibernating-type of nap (and then didn’t sleep so well that night – theory proven).

This is our dear little flat we rented for a week.  It was very old and had character, and I do so love character.  With character, of course, comes strange little quirks, but we managed fine.  (And forgive all the luggage ruining the beauty of the little flat…it was little and no room for hiding luggage.)




As I said, Grace and I headed out to roam the streets of this great foreign land.  Really, not anything too exciting this first day here.  We just roamed and found out just how much walking we would be doing in the next several days.  We did see the Palaise Garnier Opera that the story The Phantom of the Opera was based off of.


Little cafes all over the streets beckoned us.  We skipped the fresh seafood staring out at us and opted for a pastry instead.


The great city is ancient compared to our standards.  Cool buildings and arches and all sorts of architectural wonders abound.



And a stop at the corner grocery for a supply of food.  We planned out to try to eat out once a day and eat “in” the rest of the time.  (I shall continue to try to forgive Grace for putting back my American cheese for a stranger sounding, unfamiliar cheese of her choice.  I shall try, but I do so love American cheese.)


And then we went back to the flat, our dear little flat (with the funky smell, but we’ll ignore that for now).  It was a restful evening of watching a murder mystery show – Foyle’s War – that I brought (because murder mysteries are hands down, THE.BEST.KIND.OF.SHOWS).  And then we went to bed at 8:00.  Cause we were tired…all except for Matthew who had awakened from his hibernation.