As with all remodeling projects, I had wanted to be far ahead in the family room process than we are.  But, such is life, and I’m not stressing about it (which is great progress on my part from a year ago – if I do say so myself!).


We have been working quite a few weekends in there.  I do so love spending a Saturday, just me ‘n’ my man, working and talking or sometimes not talking, just being together.  Yes, those are re-liveable days in my opinion.


So where are we in the whole family room project?  Well, the walls HAD been mostly painted.  And then when they were painted, I could see just how bad a job I had done in the spackling/sanding department.  Yes, haste DOES make waste.  So, I re-sanded certain parts of the wall, hence the strips of white throughout the room.  We are also working on patching various and sundry spots throughout the room – ceiling and walls.  I cross my fingers as I say that I hope we only have a couple spots left to sand.  Sheesh, that dust spreads all over the house quicker than anything I’ve seen.


Painting in general is my current job – trim, cabinets, downstairs door – it’s all spread throughout the room.


The man has built our blessed stairwell (no more cellar door!), laid insulation in the attic (it was quite sparse up there because…who needs insulation?!), framed in a door, spackled, sanded, plugged the gas pipe to the gas stove, started laying duct work for heating and air vents (because, yes, you guessed it – who needs heating and air vents in a huge room?!) amongst other odds and ends throughout the room.


So, no, it’s not pretty or even close to pretty in there yet.  It looks like we haven’t accomplished much, but most of it is behind the scenes kind of stuff.  Here’s hoping that it will be beyooteeful in another month (or two…ok, maybe three).