I remember long ago Mom mentioned that throughout the years, Grandma had not been able to call her mother very often because of the cost of long distance calls.  Since Grandma lived in western Kansas, and her mother lived in southern Alabama, this was a hard thing to bear, I am sure.  I still think about that and shudder.


And, really, I’m not too young to remember the pre-cell phone days when you had limited long distance calling minutes.  My freshman year in college was spent using phone cards – yes, phone cards – on our dorm room phone.  Ok, so cell phones were around at that time; I just was in the dark ages (ummm, that seems to be a theme in my life).  And, really, not EVERYONE had a cell phone at that time either.

Well, it’s just come to my attention how used I am to calling anyone, anywhere for as long as I want.  It’s what you do, right?  I didn’t think I was taking this luxury for granted; I didn’t think that it was a luxury; I, in fact, didn’t think about it at. all.  It is just…LIFE.

Well, I sure do think about it now!  In preparation for our trip overseas, I called my cell phone company.  Um, yeah, can’t use a regular ol’ phone overseas.  Who-da-thunk?  So, I had to order a special “loaner” phone.  And that loaner phone that works overseas?  Yeah, it ain’t free to use.  If I sign up with the plan, I can get the discounted rate of $0.99 per minute.  NINETY-NINE CENTS A MINUTE!!!!!!!  Maybe that’s cheap, but I immediately added up my intended plan of calling My Beloved Man every night and talking for, oh, I don’t know, at least twenty to thirty minutes.  That’s $20 – $30 dollars a night!  And even if I did a quick hi, how are you, this is what we did for only ten minutes, THAT’S $10.00 A NIGHT!!

Hello, 1950’s when you couldn’t call your mother because of the cost.

And, yes, I am STILL extra-emely spoiled.  We just go to Plan B…use the free internet on my Kindle.  Is it as good as hearing a voice?  Eh, not quite.  Is it a luxury of being able to communicate while overseas?  Most definitely.