“I wanna go wi’ chEWooooou,” says one little girl every time I see her.  Poor thing.  My typical response is, “Not today, but soon.”  Yeah, well, soon rarely ever happens, and in the meantime, this little girl gets older and older, and doesn’t really know what the word “soon” means except that it is a long, long ways away.

Well, last night, after an evening at church and Awana, this little girl sees me and promptly states her wishes – “I wanna go wi’ chEWoooooou.”  (This was after her other normal declaration of “I wanna a tictac.”)

So, The Man and I took the little girl and her little sister (who only states her intentions with outstretched arms) with us.  And we made a stop by Mickie D’s, because what are uncles and aunts for?


So, we fed them ice cream and played with them in the play place, and I never saw the little girl’s sister smile so much or “talk” so much.  And then we took them to our place and The Man (who is called by the little girl also as “Taimmee”) pulled up some old Mickey Mouse cartoons he had.


Our evening wasn’t very long, but it was something, and it taught me a lesson…someday, these two little girls will be too old to squeeze into the back of a Mustang and to want to play in McDonald’s play place and to sit and watch Mickey Mouse cartoons (ok, The Man and I still watch Mickey Mouse cartoons on our own, so maybe they won’t grow out of that one).  Our life gets in the way and crazy busy, but for little girls, it’s simple – just let them come “wi’ chEWooooou” and stop saying “soon,” which really means “never.”