Ask any girl who went to our church within the past three or four decades who their favorite Sunday school teacher was, and they will tell you, hands down…Mrs. Hoefer.  Now, this is not to minimize the service of all the other Sunday school teachers, but Mrs. Hoefer, well, I’m sorry, but she was the best.

She was a grandma, you know, one of those huggable ladies who was always – I say this respectfully – OLD.  She was probably a grandma in her thirties – at least to the little girls she taught.

I have fond memories of Sunday school class Christmas parties she put on for us, an exciting class trip to the zoo (in which I found out that the sheep in the petting zoo do NOT like to be ridden) and special birthday presents she gave to us on our big day.  Yes, I still have the adorable little bear figurine that I picked out of THE special box.

From those years in Sunday school to the day I last saw her, she always had a big ol’ grandma hug for me and an eagerness to find out how I was doing.  She was a lady who poured herself into other people, and people loved her for it.  She was a lady who didn’t groan about having to teach ANOTHER Sunday school lessons – she cheerfully did it for fifty years.

Sadly, Mrs. Hoefer passed away last week, and I attended her funeral this morning.  It really wasn’t sad though.  She will be missed for sure, but in the past several years, she had been in so much pain…and now she’s not.  She’s jumping down the streets of Heaven with Jesus, Whom she so faithfully served.  And she’s giving big ol’ grandma hugs to all the little girls there with her.

…and that’s something I can’t be sad about, not at all.