It is one of those times in my life when I have so many things running through my head that it is difficult to focus on one; you know that one time we went to…; oh, look at the time, I’d better clean up; cleaning. the house needs cleaning.  when I get home I’ll put on supper and start the…; supper. what’s for supper. did I get everything I need from the groc…; need.  wasn’t there something I needed…; where was I?   The feeling is not totally unlike Sammy in Over the Hedge…


Yes, that is definitely what I feel like.

But I shall attempt very hard to focus my mind on a quick blessing, ’cause blessings abound (and because I didn’t post one yesterday).

My passport.  *sigh*  It’s not so good a feeling to realize a couple weeks before you go overseas that your passport that you thought was in good order was, in fact, in your old name.  Could the customs officials be kind and just take a look at my marriage license for proof of who I am?  Oh, nooooo, they must put me in a panic to get a new passport.

So, I rushed around like a ninny, driving home, getting the appropriate documents, filling out the paperwork online, filling out the paperwork at the post office – smile for the picture! – rushing the delivery, paying the passport fee and the expediting fee and the overnight delivery fee and rushing back to work.

Well, a little extra money worked wonders in this case.  MY PASSPORT CAME YESTERDAY!!!!!  I actually didn’t expect it until next Monday – two days before take off.  So, yes, having a passport a whole week early was a blessing.

And then I just sat there and looked at my pretty passport and thought, “My I sure am glad I’m an American.”  And THAT’s the coolest of all blessings for today…day. what day is it; do we have anything on the cal…; I found the prettiest calendar at the store; did you see that new store…?