I love…

* A cup of coffee, perfectly made

* A favorite song on the radio

* Leaving after a long day of work and breathing deeply the air of a perfect spring day

* A pen that writes just right

* Warm, crispy waffles covered with blueberries, butter and real maple syrup

* Daydreaming of a memory that makes me smile

* Laughter

* Comfy jeans that can’t just be bought but must first be discovered

* Shoes that can be worn anywhere with anything

* Sparkly earrings

* Birds chirping at dawn

* Waking up in the morning and realizing it’s Saturday

* The smell of a flower shop

* Rich, creamy lotion

* A perfect sweater that’s like an old friend

* Crossing off things on a list

* Clean floors

* Running errands with no care about the time

* Rummaging through dusty bins of junk

* Dark clouds on a spring day

* The smell of car grease and the memory of Grandpa and Dad

* An old, splattered recipe

* Children with imaginations

* Falling into a deep sleep on a Sunday afternoon