*sigh* I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again and again and again…my man is just the best thing this girl’s ever seen.  I have two reasons for saying this today… and thus my short, swoony story begins.

We usually rent or check out a movie to watch on the weekends.  I mean, what better thing to do on a Friday night than sit and cuddle and veg?  It’s a ritual.  But several weekends ago, we had no movie and no movie ideas that would pry us out to go to a redbox.  So, Caleb goes to our (very small) movie collection and selects his idea of a good Friday night movie with his wifey.  Yes, he brought down his Bob Hope/Bing Crosby movies (note that they are his movies).

We watched one that night and I soaked in his laughter.  To hear My Man truly laugh is a joy.  He laughs at Bob Hope and Bing Crosby and he laughs at The Three Stooges and he laughs at a couple of other favorite shows.


I love when he laughs.

The blessing of his laughter and the fact the My Guy actually owns Bob Hope movies and The Three Stooges was going to be the entire post today, but then he went and did something else, doggone that adorable man.

Sitting was I at my desk this morning when I get these delivered to me and a note saying how much The Man loveth me.


No fight, no tears nor tantrums, no holiday nor special occasion prompted these for-real-boughten-and-delivered flowers.  I guess he just likes me or something.

And I love that he likes me and sends me purdy flowers.