Oh Spring, I was not ready for you to come.

I love you, but Winter still held my heart and my attention.

I had so many Winter projects that were still waiting for me…


…and I do so love all of Winter’s glistening snow and nights curled up with blankets.


But Spring, you came this week…

with an extra hour of daylight in the evenings

and warm afternoons

799px-American_Robin_On_Rooftop_in_Spring_2013Kevin Kiefuik

and robins chirping and flowers poking up their heads out of the brown earth.


You brought evening walks

Caleb&Tammy2012_081Jade Street Photography

and dreams of all of outdoor projects


and excited visits to all those seeds I planted to see if they were welcoming you too.

And I realized, Spring, that I do love you, and I am glad you’re here.

Welcome to my life again.