The girls of our family (minus the two very youngest) have been planning a trip to Kansas City for quite some time  This past weekend, it finally happened.



Yes, seven of us set out ready for a good time.  Our purpose for living and for traveling to KC?  Shopping, of course.  But this was not just any shopping because we’re not really typical shopping type of gals; this was flea marketing, deal finding, antique scavenging type of shopping – the very best in our opinion.  The poor three nieces who went with us…I remember going along with mom and grandma on their shopping and antiquing ventures – I vowed never to return.



Christy discovered a gem of antique shopping – an event held one weekend a month in old warehouses.  Talk about ambiance!  Never is antiquing better than when done in old, character-filled buildings.



And what antiquing trip is complete without at least one funny picture – in this case, a true-to-life saggy chest, bulging belly mannequin.  (I would have taken a picture of the case full of vintage replacement teeth, but I forgot.)


Like any good trip to KC, we had to make a trip to The Cheesecake Factory.  And like any good trip antiquing, we had to stop for rest and refreshment at a delectable little pastry shop Christy knew of.  And like any good girl’s weekend shopping trip, we had to squeeze in “just one more store” and therefore get home late at night.



A good time was had by all (even poor Ellie who stated at the end of her jaunt into a toy store, “It was YOUR turn to wait on ME.”)