Since we are going to Paris in three weeks, life has been a little bit harried, yesterday especially.  I was poised to purchase the plane tickets…and it hit me.  While I do have my passport, it’s in my old name.  Saying that I had a moment of panic is an understatement.  Everything is “taken care of.”  Yes, I’m putting my trust in the ability of the government to get me my passport before we leave.  (Please, mom, don’t freak out.)

Today, I am going to look back in my internet history for however long and list ten of my favorite searches.  So many things that I am looking forward to doing, trying, living.

#1: I’ve scoured VRBO, Home Away and Flip Key for an apartment or “flat” to stay in while in Paris.  When they are about the same price as a boring old hotel room, why not?  It is finally settled, this is where we’re staying.

 db09aba8-ec14-4193-994f-75f90d7d0a4a.1.10photo by Tatiana A

d920ab75-1336-472a-9fbf-09e67c325b53.1.10photo by Tatiana A

#2:  Paris flea markets.  Apparently they’re huge and popular.  (Not to make you insanely jealous, Christy.)


#3:  I’m also planning for great things to happen to our yard.  So here’s another internet search I’ve been doing…

481px-Alcea_rosea_lv_1Stan Shebs

#4:  Wanting to do a front porch makeover.  (And, yes, we have a hammock ready and waiting.)

Porch via country living 2Country Living

#5.  And when my poor fingers get tired of typing all those internet searches, I must take a break to watch part of Chopped, one of THE best cooking competitions.


#6.  I have been toying with the idea of developing my Etsy shop further to make it more of a business.  I mean, having an excuse to buying lot of antiques?  I’ll go for that.


#7:  And since I’m toying with the idea of selling stuff, I want to keep up to date with whats, ya’ know, selling.  I recently ran across this website that sells reproduction items.  Love it.

image28Decor Steals

#8:  Our little Cherub Choir is starting to practice for the Easter program.  I ran across this version of the Gaither’s Because He Lives.  It is sooooo much like hearing Uncle Boyd play the piano, and I could listen to it for hours.

Click here to listen.  It will bless your soul.

#9:  Need to restock on yarn.  Searching Hancock Fabric, Michaels and Hobby Lobby for sales.


#10:  Not very exciting, but I visit the Drudge Report every day just to keep up with what’s going on in the news.


(I can’t believe I just put that picture on this blog.)

Anyway, those are some of my recent internet searches.  It’s kind of telling to go back through where I’ve been in the past several days.)