For years and years, I have had slight “back problems.”  I can’t think of why my back hurts – I mean, you should be able to grow up building fences, lifting sheet rock and throwing hay bales, right?  What a ninny my back is.

(In light of Dad’s horrendous back problems and surgery, mine is really not even worth mentioning.  Buuut, when your back hurts evenly slightly, it still hurts.)

Thankfully, Mom has often been able to get it in place in with a method our chiropractor taught us and with a super duper back vibrator.  When she couldn’t I went to the chiropractor.  I loved that chiropractor, but then she got a little weird, and then she got a lot weird, and then me lovey my chiropractor no more.

Seeing that dad had a couple HORRIBLE experiences with chiropractors (think mad scientist who keeps in his desk drawer a piece of metal from his dead brother-in-law’s back surgery), then I was a little leery about going to a new chiropractor.


Lo and behold, Christy gave me a “free referral coupon” to their chiropractor.  *cue angels singing*  Perfect timing, ’cause the ol’ back was throwing a hitch in my giddy up as Grandpa used to say.

Going to a non-weird-old-lady-chiropractor or a chiropractor who doesn’t keep pieces of his dead brother-in-law in the desk drawer is such a blessing.  To go there and not have to pay because of a referral coupon?  *now cue ME singing*

Aaaaand that brings me to the second part of my blessings today.  I went home after the end of a long work day and a short visit to the chiropractor, as one extremely tired person.  You see, that stupid back had not let me stay in bed past 4:45 two mornings ago, and stupid Zumba had not let me stay in bed past 5:20 that morning.  I resolved I would do nothing but sit on the couch and eat and read and watch TV and not feel bad (it was my night alone).

So I sat on the couch and ate and watched TV and…then resolved to take a nap before reading.  Yeah, I went to bed at 7:00 last night and only briefly woke up once before 6:00 this morning.

‘Twas glory.  Pure glory.