It’s downright amazing how many little things in life I take for granted…that is, until they’re gone.  Ok, some of the things I take for granted are not so little.  Like good health.  So many people don’t have it, but I take it for granted.

But some of the things that I take for granted are really, REALLY little, yet they mean so much.

Case in point.  Did you know there’s a little button thing on your seat belt strap that keeps the buckle from sliding way down to the floor?  Oh, yes there is.  And when that little button gets broken, you have to reach waaaaaay down to the back floor between the side of the front seat in order to fish out the buckle every.single.time.  I would just say “Phooey on the whole buckle thing,” but my car has an annoying little bell that tells you to buckle up.  (I hate seat belts and annoying little car bells that tell you what to do.)  Anyway, little buttons on seat belt straps are very, VERY handy little things to have.

seat belt stop installed

And, yes, hot water is nice, and I’m thankful for it, but I’ve never really thought a lot about COLD water.  Yes, after springing a leak in the kitchen faucet, the cold water in the kitchen is now off.  Not a big deal if you hurry to get all your cold water out of the hot water side before it heats up, but cold water is a very, VERY good thing.


And speaking of kitchen, I never was thankful for a dishwasher – not ever in my life.  That is because I never, ever had the pleasure of living with a dishwasher (the automated kind).  Yes, growing up in a farmhouse with no extra cabinet space does have its downside.  Well, we finally got our dishwasher hooked up and running a couple months ago.  It wasn’t hard, I just hadn’t lived with the pleasure, so living without the pleasure wasn’t a big deal.   THESE THINGS ARE uhMAYZING!!!!  Why didn’t anyone tell me before????


(And, yes, I haven’t quite made it to living in this century – or the last century, for that matter.  I’m trying to catch up.)

So, today, I am thankful for the little things that I never really think of.