Some days just end up being spent surfing the wonderful world wide web and drooling.  I had work to do, but I always have work to do.  All I wanted to do was drool and get ideas for new projects.  Just what I needed, right?

Well, whether I needed it or not, I did it.  I didn’t covet while I drooled, so I think that makes it ok.  I just got ideas about what I wanted to do, and ideas are GOOD!  So, therefore, I think it was time well spent.

So, since I’m running out of time, and all that’s on my mind are the wonderful pictures and blogs and ideas I ran across, then I’m going to share them.  They are blessings, after all.

~ I love the mirror.  And this is the color of our family room, so I’m keeping my eyes out for a mirror on the cheap.

centsational-girl-bed-linens via

See below?  Ok, ignore the legs hanging from the ceiling.  I’m talking about the paint.  The mirror would look great.


I am SOOOOOO doing this coffee table for the front room.  It’s made out of wood pallets.  Aaaand notice the color of the walls and the mirror?  Thinkin’ I’m on a theme here.


These curtains are what I want to do in the family room.  Can’t seem to find just the right fabric, but I’ll keep searching!


I am scouring Craigslist for a sectional sofa like this one.  We want a sectional for the family room because it’s a big room made for lotsa people, and when we have lotsa people over, they end up sitting on the floor.  Yes, I found one about a month ago that was perfect.  It was also sold.  Side note:  when you sell something on Craigslist, take it off, please.  Otherwise you get people excited just to dash their hopes.


What an amazing idea!  You can transfer your own photo to wood.  This project must be tried by me.


This project has been on my to-do list ever since we finished the front room.  It’s on my weekend to-do list too.  (Do you suppose I tend to over commit the to-do list?)


Anyway, the wood projects are for the front room that hasn’t ever been completed in the decorating process.  I’m inspired, and have some ideas on how to use the above ideas.

Gotta run!  I’m off to pick up some free wood pallets from Craigslist and buy some casters wheels.  I’m inspired, and I’m doing somethin’ about it.