My family weren’t ever big television people.  For a while, Bonanza was on every afternoon, and who can resist Little Joe?  I mean, come on.  And for most of my growing up years, PBS had old Disney movies or Little House on the Prairie on from 5:00 – 5:45 each weekday.  Those forty-five minutes were a sacred, dedicated TV time.


Other than that, TV and movies were mostly saved for the weekend.  (That is, until several years ago.  Our normally “suppertime is family time” type of family turned into “hurry, grab you supper, Wheel of Fortune has started!” type of family.  When you have three adults in the house, you can kind of fudge on the “suppertime/family time” thing.)


But then we got married, and the TV antenna on our house only picked up the Spanish channel.  (We choose not to give ourselves the option of cable.)  No more TV unless we went to a hotel.

Lest we come off as TV saints, I must say, we are not.  We rented TV shows and movies and followed a couple shows online.  Aaaaand, Caleb has cable TV at work (I try not to be jealous.)  But as far as a sit-down-at-home-and-surf-TV, we were out of luck.

I just checked…it didn’t kill us.

BUT the Olympics are upon us.  It was time to bite the bullet and buy a super duper TV antenna because me likey the Olympics.  And then a snow storm came and covered the roof and made everything slick.  And the antenna sat in our front room like a new piece of strange furniture.


Last week, My Dearest Man grabbed the first opportunity of a snow-less roof and climbed up and hooked everything up and ran the right cords to the right places and asked our techy bro-in-law why such and such didn’t work and fixed stuff, and we sat down, and he clicked the “on” button.


AND RIGHT BEFORE OUR VERY EYES, THE TV CAME ON AND I SCREAMED AND KISSED HIM OVER AND OVER AND SQUEALED AND JUMPED AROUND LIKE A LITTLE KID.  And ever since, I’ve been watching the Olympics, and That Dear Man who isn’t into ice skating sits beside me and watches it too.

Sochi Olympics Figure Skating

Have I ever said that I have The Dearest Man ever?  (And our new TV antenna isn’t that bad either.)