I want to start by saying a great big THANK YOU to all the Presidents of these here United States for the three day weekend they gave me.  Oh, and for all the time energy and life altering sacrifices they made to lead these here United States.  But mostly for the three day weekend they gave me.

Second, I would like to thank God for the beautiful spring weather on this three day weekend.  Is it terrible to say that I’m not ready for spring yet?  Just today I fully grasped the thought that in a couple weeks, it will be March, and I about had a coronary.  But, really, who can complain about a weekend in February that is in the 60’s?  I won’t be complain’.  Nope, not me (even though I’m still not ready for spring).

Ok, now for the most important piece of today’s post – The One Hot Boxer.  I woke up this morning, the third day of this three day weekend and ate breakfast, unloaded the dishwasher and had coffee.  The Man came downstairs and asked, “You want to go with me to the boxing gym?”

You see, The Man is participating in an amateur boxing match thing in May called Guns and Hoses (between the police force and the firefighters – get it?  Guns and Hoses).  When I first heard Caleb’s aspirations of boxing, I, umm, well, let’s just say I was less than enthusiastic.  I had visions of black eyes and bloody noses.  But he is one excited guy, and, after all, our hopes are to not have regrets of letting an opportunity pass us by, so a boxer he will be in May.

Back to this morning…there was a last minute practice this morning, and I rushed around like a ninny gathering my stuff, so I could go watch.

I’ve never been in a boxing gym before.  They are exactly what you see in the movies – an old garage type building with punching bags hanging everywhere, posters of great boxers and quotes on the walls and, most importantly, a ring.


Never one to want to sit and do nothing (heaven forbid), I took about five magazines, one book, a crochet project and the Kindle to keep me busy.  I got through three pages of the magazine.  The whole scene was fascinating!  I got brave and took out my camera a couple times – the pictures are absolutely horrible, but at least they’re pictures.


Yes, I’m one proud wifey who watched her Boxer train this morning.  I still have visions of black eyes and bloody noses, but I’m glad The Man is following his dreams.