The year was 1944.  The place was Mobile, Alabama.  A dashing young soldier was on leave and boarded the city bus to meet a girl for a date.  Typical in this bustling port city, the bus was crowded and had standing room only.  The soldier held on to a strap on the ceiling, trying to keep his balance in the swaying, crowded vehicle.

test03 Grandpa in Uniform

Her day of work was over.  It was grimy and hard, but this spunky girl didn’t shy away from hard work.  Not only did she love the independence that a job gave her, as a “Rosie the Riveter,” she was helping out with the war effort.  She boarded that same bus and also looked for something to hold onto as the bus continued on its route.

Love Always

Like a scene from a Cary Grant movie, these two people bumped into each other on that swaying bus and struck up a conversation.  By the time they reached her stop, the soldier had decided he would ditch his first date and go with the spunky girl from the bus.


For the next two months, the couple dated every night.  The world was at war, and there was no time to spare.  They decided they should get married, so marry they did.  A short weekend together and then back to his living quarters on a ship docked at the port for the young soldier.  Now, the newly married girl rushed from work to see her husband on his ship to spend a few precious moments with him before she went to her parent’s home for the night.  For two weeks this became a ritual for the couple – grasping quick moments together whenever they could.

off to sea

One day, the girl rushed down to the dock after work just like always.  But her husband’s ship wasn’t there.  The Army Air Force had quickly and quietly shipped the young soldier to the war in the Pacific.  It would be many long months before they would see each other again.


I am blessed that my grandparents had such a romantic love story.  I would sit in Grandma’s kitchen as she cooked asking her to “tell me another story about when you were young.”

But I am also blessed that I have My Man and that we are creating our own love story.  It’s the daily life as well as the momentous occasions that create a story.  It’s what we do with that daily life and momentous occasions that create the romance.


I’ll be seeing you
In all the old familiar places
That this heart of mine embraces
All day through.