In my teen years, those dark ages before Facebook and Twitter, the popular thing was to have a blog.  All sorts of thoughts and discussions and soap boxes could be posted and commented on and talked about.  We were really something.  (Well, except for me who never got into the whole blog thing back then past reading and commenting.)

Now, we wonder what we would ever do without blogs – decorating blogs, money saving blogs, health blogs, gardening blogs, DIY blogs, cooking blogs, make-your-own-cleaners blogs, fashion blogs, sports blogs, political blogs, personal life blogs.  REALLYWhat did we ever do before?  (I say that half sarcastically AND half seriously.)

Yes, you can get caught up in the reading of other people’s lives and ideas so much that you forget to go and live your own life or create your own ideas.  But, past that disclaimer, I must admit that I really do enjoy reading blogs and all the ideas offered.  So on that note, today I am just going to post a list of ten blogs that I read regularly and that have been a blessing in one way or another in my life.  This list is not comprehensive, mind you, just random choices from a long list.  (And, yes, I am doing this list partially because I am not in the writing mood right now.)

The Lettered Cottage – ummm, HELLO!  Talk about I-died-and-went-to-the-perfect-house heaven!  My only complaint is that I don’t live closer to the thrift stores and antique shops Layla goes to.


One Good Thing – where I get many DIY cleaner and personal care “recipes.”  Love Jillee’s fantastic alternatives to store bought chemicals!    floor-cleaner-6via

Beauty that Moves – she is into healthy living, but it is her photos of every day things that just want to make me stay home and cook and crochet and curl up with a good book.


Essential Health – a new blog on my blog role.  Such amazing ideas and articles of natural remedies and health alternatives!  I look forward to learning a lot from these writers.


Deal Detecting Diva – “Being frugal in some ways, so we don’t have to be in others!”  I read several money saving blogs, but this one is primarily for my corner of the world.


A Garden for the House – love the natural gardening ideas here!  This is where I got the winter sowing concept.


Beneath My Heart – more DIY decorating ideas!  Love, love, love all the possibilities.


Delighted Momma – I just have to say, that the name of the blog makes me happy (that and the fact that through her writing, I can tell she actually IS a delighted momma).  I read it more for the natural beauty ideas though.


Keeping it Cozy – I swoon for her butcher block counter tops.  Actually, I swoon over her whole house.


Pennies and Pancakes – love all the ideas on how to make at home what you buy pre-packaged at the store.  Who knew “refried beans” were so easy and cheap to make at home?!

refried beans2via

That’s all for today!  Just a few of my favorite blogs…excuse me while I go back to reading them.