Caleb loves basketball.  He loves playing it.  He loves coaching it.  He loves going to the games.

I hate basketball.  I never played it.  I never coached it.  Going to games only gives me a sore rear.

Thus began the struggle of Tammy’s attitude.

Caleb started to assist his dad in coaching Jr. High basketball a couple years ago.  This past fall, I knew that basketball season was approaching and that he was again planning on helping out.  I tried to ignore the fact that basketball season was approaching.


But it approached anyway, despite my attempts of practicing the “out of sight, out of mind” theory.  Tammy likes her schedule, the little plan in her head alone that sorts and organizes and sets the evening in stone.  1.)  Come home from work and change.  2.)  Meet The Man at the gym.  3.)  Fix and eat supper.  4.) Work around the house cleaning or on remodeling projects.  5.)  Change into PJs and relax.  That is the schedule, and woe to anyone who tries to change it.

It changed.

Basketball games started.  My man, trying his very best to be kind, said that I didn’t have to go.  I didn’t have to spend the evening with him.  I could stay at home…by myself…on yet ANOTHER evening that he would be gone (he works every third night).  His kind suggestion didn’t go over too well either.  Poor man just can’t win.

So I went, huffing and puffing most of the way.  (I can put on a GREAT martyr attitude and then switch it to a GREAT happy attitude when we arrive.)   Then I would vent on the way home about how I.JUST.WANTED.TO.BE.HOME.THAT.EVENING.  He probably wished I had been home that evening too.

Then we went to The Amazing Race casting call, and I was all gushy about how we both want to follow our dreams in life and not let any opportunity pass us by and have to regrets of sitting on the sidelines.  I, in fact, wanted to follow MY dreams, not My Man’s.  My Man’s dreams weren’t no fun.

I was stupid.

Here is My Man, following his dreams like “we always wanted to do,” and I was huffing and puffing about those stupid hard bleachers that gave me a sore rear.  Not only was he following his dreams, he was working with kids.  He was investing in young boys’ lives, not only at games and practice but making a point to talk with them when he ran into them at church too.  He was following his dreams and making a difference.

Well, I switched to another old saying, “If you can’t beat them then join them.”  Basketball isn’t so bad, I just wasn’t allowing myself to enjoy it.  Well, I DO enjoy other things, namely coffee, crocheting and Pinterest.  Why not merge all the interests together?

So, here was my plan.  Treat myself to a Starbucks drink before the game.  Bring crochet in order to feel productive.  Bring the Kindle in order to browse Pinterest – something I don’t get to do very often.


Ya’ know?  It worked!  The games flew by.  I actually enjoyed them!  (And, yes, I watched them too between the coffee, crochet and Pinteresting.)  Me and my man were together (sort of).  I began to get to know the other people there (and start to form relationships).  And My Man could follow his dreams and make a difference in peace without a huffing and puffing wife (’cause there’s little worse than a huffing and puffing wife).

Now that the season is over, I am actually kind of sad.  Sad that we won’t have those times and sad that My Man will miss it.  But there’s always next year!  Hopefully, this time I will start out the season remembering the lessons learned on those hard basketball bleachers.