Mom and Dad were very kind to invite their three daughters and sons-in-law out for a night at Olive Garden last weekend. ‘Twas cold outside, very, VERY cold.  But we warmed up right nice with the delish Chicken Gnocchi soup, pasta, bread sticks, salad, appetizers, oh, and fun times.


Thankfully, they gave us a little side room where we could chat and laugh and talk all over each other.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, Caleb and I are so very blessed to have family  we actually like being around.


And as I was thinking about this post today, I had the thought that my parents did a mighty fine job of raising their kids.  Not that I’m saying we’re wonderful (though if you are of that opinion, I won’t argue with you…Mom taught us not to argue…ummm, or something like that; I can’t remember).  I’m just saying that through their good example or even sometimes bad example, they worked to point us in the right direction.


For example, I heard a co-worker today telling someone that paying off your house is not really such a great idea because then you no longer have the interest as a tax write off and, “After all, every American has bills” (aka debt).  Well, The Lord be praised that The Parents taught this American that being out of debt is a wonderful, positive, worthwhile goal.  (Some people may disagree, and I’m totally fine with that.)


So, yes, I’ll take a night out at Olive Garden with the fam with a side of good parenting along the way.  Thank you very much, Mom and Dad.