Yesterday, I was bummed and sad and in a teensy bad mood (ok, in a big bad mood, if you must know).  The weathermen had predicted 5-8 inches of snow by the morning, which, in my dreamiest of dreams, meant that I would get a snow day.  My Man would be home from work after a 48 hour shift, and I would be “stuck” at home baking cookies.

So I eagerly woke up at 6:30 or so and rushed down the steps to look out the window in eager anticipation.  OH, COME ON, WEATHERMEN?!?!  Did you HAVE to get my hopes up only to dash them to the ground?  There was snow – maybe 2 inches, and it was still snowing, but there wasn’t enough to justify the excuse of “I can’t come to work today.”  What.A.Bummer.

To make it worse, Facebook was filled all day with people boasting (yes, I considered it boasting) of “snow days” and “baking cookies and drinking coffee” and “oh, isn’t this day woOOOoonderful!”  Oh, shut up.

After returning home at the end of the day and cleaning up from supper, I was in a slightly better mood because of My Wonderful Man was so kind.  Then he suggested, “Why don’t we go for a walk in the snow?”


So, after we worked for a bit on the family room renovation, we bundled up in our warmest of warm clothes.  I wish I could say I looked like a picture – cute boots and a perfectly worn hat, scarf placed just right and mittens straight off of Etsy.


Nope.  I looked like the abominable snowman with as many layers on as I could manage.  But the walk?  Well, the walk and The Man were delightful.


We stepped out into the night, and I felt like we had been transported to my miniature Christmas village scene – the one where I sprinkle glitter snow all over.


Our real live snow glittered.  I don’t think I’ve seen it quite like that before.  We walked through the streets, arm in arm, talking and listening and enjoying.


Sure, the day may have been a Jonah Day, but the night?  At night the snow glittered.

snowNovember_120110_ 109via