Walking into the kitchen the other day, I saw something that made me laugh and sigh and come to an acceptance of something I said I’d “never do.”  I had a used tea bag, all dried and rather pitiful looking, sitting on the counter.  No, it hadn’t been overlooked when I threw away the trash.  It had been “saved.”


You see, as long as I can remember, Mom has loved tea (with cream and sugar).  Being one of the original frugal people of this world before frugality become popular on Pinterest and blogs, she always saved her tea bag on the kitchen stove to be re-used.  After all, why throw something away when it still has a speck of life left in it?

She was and is always eager for a spot o’ tea – I’m sure every one of her granddaughters remembers tea parties with Grandma.  Her tea pot sat on the counter, ready for any occasion…during winter, it was used quite often.  But for tea parties, oh, tea parties couldn’t have just the ol’ every day pot.  Tea parties had to have the special tea set or Christmas mugs or some such item of importance.


While I became more of a coffee drinker, I have slowly come to appreciate the beauty of tea.  In the evenings of this cold season, I just need something warm to drink.  Since coffee would keep me awake into the wee hours, I turn to mom’s old standby and have a spot o’ tea (and leave my tea bag on the counter for the next time).