Several years ago, I was talking with a friend, bemoaning how busy and stressed out I was.  She immediately told me, “Go organize your underwear drawer.”  My initial response was laughter and a “Whaaaaa?????”  Her theory was that if your underwear drawer is all neat and tidy, then life seems just bit more under control.

Well, I went home and organized that ol’ drawer, and you know?  It worked!  Nothing like starting or ending the day pulling open your underwear drawer and seeing everything all together.  Life seems a bit less chaotic.

My life isn’t all the chaotic and stressed right now (I attribute that to my organized underwear drawer), but as I was working in the kitchen a couple days ago, I looked up and saw our snack cabinet.


Oh, dear.  Who lives in this place?  Note that in our loverly kitchen, there are no doors on the cabinets.  The rest of the room is in such a sad state that this isn’t really a biggie, it’s just icing on the cake.  But, really, who wants to fix their coffee early in the morning and look up to see such an awful mess?  It’s kind of like an unorganized underwear drawer.

I decided that this just had to be fixed, though it was definitely NOT on the day’s to do list.  You know, it just took a few minutes before it looked like this.


Oh, that is MUCH better, thank you.  Now, it makes me smile instead of groan.  Isn’t it funny how the tiny little things affect us?

Today, I am thankful for Megan’s advice all those years ago.  There’s not much that can beat an organized underwear drawer (unless it’s an organized snack cabinet)!