God has and continues to bless us in such amazing ways that I am continually humbled.  It’s not like we deserve one little inkling of all He has given, so I sometimes ask, “Why me?”  I don’t have an answer to that and probably never will in this life.  Though we have to expect and accept the bad times along with the good, I feel the good far outweighs the bad in life.

Well.  Here’s what’s got me so excited today.  Caleb got his diploma in the mail today!!!!  He officially has his Associates degree, and I am so very proud of him.


Like most firefighters, The Man has sufficient time off between shifts to work a second/part-time job.  Caleb has chosen to go to school as his second “job” (which is the second part of the fabulous blessing today).  There are some things that government gets wrong, but implementing the GI Bill is one big thing this wonderful ol’ government of ours got RIGHT.  They decided long ago to reward veterans’ service by not only paying for their college education but paying them to get their college education.  Win, win!

My poor Man, he hates school, not because he isn’t able to do it but because he just don’ like musty old books or boring old teachers…not at all.  But he stuck with it.


He would probably like to say that getting this degree means he’s done with all that horribly boring stuff.  Well, he’s not.  He’s being brave and working on his Bachelor’s degree as we speak (if we were “speaking”).

Yes, I’m proud of The Man.  Yes, I’m humbled by God’s provision (of My Man and of The Man’s education and second job).  I pray that we will never take His blessings for granted and always remember that “to whom much is given, of him much will be required.”  (Luke 12:48)