Mom has these color wheels (or color fans, whatever you want to call them) from Sherwin Williams and Glidden Paint that have become almost like treasured heirlooms in our family.  Anytime she or one of her three daughters start to think about a painting project, the question always comes up, “Who has the color wheels?  Can I use them?”


These little beauties have every color imaginable.  If the minutest of minute shade cannot be found on one, it is always sure to be on the other.  Notes of which rooms have been painted which colors are detailed on the back of various strips.

Side note:  I actually greatly scared myself and my lack of personal identity at one point last year.  I had the revered color wheels on the floor of our front room trying to pick Just.The.Right.Shade of blue.  Out of the fifty bajillion shades of blue, I had it narrowed down to two color strips.  I happened to look on the back of them.  Oh heavens, my mother had picked the very exact colors for her dining room.  I am my mother after all!  (Which is not so terrible a thing, really, just scary.)

Well, since we have years and years and decades of painting forecast for Caleb’s and my future and since mom’s color wheels are almost in constant use, I took the bold step of deciding to buy my OWN color wheels.  (It was a skeery point in my life.)

So, with trepidation, I call the paint stores yesterday and ask them if they had any color strip thingies available (yes, I used those words and am not proud of it).  I felt like a little school girl asking The Great Color Schoolmarm if she would give me my very own treasured color heirlooms.  They answered, “Yes, we have some in stock.”  My next fearful question was, “How much are they?”


Do you KNOW what they answered?  They answered, “Oh, we don’t charge for them.”  WHAAAAAAAA????????  You mean they’re……….FREE?!?!?!?!  Faaaaa-REEEEEEEEEEE?!?!?!?!  WhaHOOOOOOOO!!!!!  Yes, these are the very feelings and words that were running through my head as I picked up those precious color wheels – color wheels that are ALL.MINE.  Who knew treasured color heirlooms came so cheap?

Now, I’m off to Mom’s to look over her color wheels and copy those precious notes on the back.