Yes, it’s a radical and very, very exciting post on here today, folks.  I am talking about making my own foaming hand soap!  Hold on to yer hats…


For the past several years, I’ve had the increasing desire to find more natural alternatives to the chemically laden, cancer causing products out there.  My mother thinks I’m slightly on the crazy side.  But, really, I’ve cleaned the bathroom just one too many times where I have to hold my breath, spray nasty cleaner all over, gag, open the window, gag some more and repeat.

I won’t say I’m a natural “freak.”  I don’t buy organic, I chow down on chips and dip when the spirit moves and I drink pop out of aluminum cans.  But, in order to combat all the MSG and aluminum that I consume, maybe homemade cleaning and personal care products might be the thing for me.

The health factor isn’t the only thing driving this cause.  I also go for the frugal factor.  It is SO MUCH cheaper this-a-way than buying all that chemical stuff!

The journey has been slow.  Finding “recipes” that actually work is kind of important, and despite all the claims on Pinterest, not every homemade cleaner recipe actually works.  But bit by bit, I’m getting there.


So, today, I will share the easiest, fastest of them all…homemade foaming hand soap.  I’ve tweeked different online recipes a bit to suit how we like it.  First, I used just castille soap, but ’tweren’t foamy enough, and The Man didn’t like that.  So I added Dawn dish detergent to the mix.  (Side note:  The Man firmly states that I can’t call it “homemade” when I use pre-made ingredients such as Dawn.  I disagree.  Everything has an ingredient list of things not made by the manufacturer.  Besides, Dawn is wonderful.  It’s my friend.  So I use it A LOT.)


So without further ado, I shall share my easy peasy foaming hand soap recipe because the healthiness and the frugalityness blesses me.

Foaming Hand Soap

Hot water
2-3 teaspoons liquid castile soap
1-2 teaspoons Dawn dish detergent
20-30 drops essential oil (optional)
1.  Boil water and let cool.  Trust me, don’t pour it into the bottle until it is cool.  Otherwise, your bottle with wither and shrink and you will have to buy a new one.  (I may or may not know this from personal experience.)
2.  Pour into foaming soap bottle leaving a good two inches head space.  (You can just buy the soap once from the store and re-use the container until it withers and shrinks from boiling water added to it.)
3.  Add castile soap, Dawn and essential oils.
– I found liquid castile soap here; it’s also available at Target or health food stores, I believe.  It’s kind of pricey for soap, but seeing that you use 2-3 teaspoons at a time, it lasts forever.
– The essential oils are optional, but it smells oh-so loverly.  This is where the fun experimenting is!  Try different scents.  Lemon, lavendar, peppermint and oregano have anti-bacterial properties if that is your goal.
– The bottle may need to be shaken if not used for a while.  The soaps sometimes settle a tad.
– There are no preservatives, so it needs to be used within 3-4 weeks.  I’ve had mine for well over a month before it started “growing” things.

That’s it!  Such a wonder, this stuff is.