Saturday morning (our anniversary!), The Man and I were sitting in the front room talking about what we were doing a year ago.  We came to the conclusion that he would have still been sleeping while I would have been scurrying about doing my hair and makeup and embarking on the long and arduous task of getting into my dress.


The conversation turned to what the room we were now sitting in looked like a year ago.  ‘Tweren’t pretty.  Dust everywhere (thanks to The Hardworking Man), a couch and TV in the middle of the room (because who doesn’t like to watch TV in the middle of a construction zone?) and dust everywhere (did I mention that already?).


Well, we didn’t care back then.  We were finally married and happily jetted off to Puerto Rico.  (While I loved our wedding and everything about it, I was very glad that we didn’t have to deal with wedding plans this year.  The honeymoon, however, I’m trying very hard as I sit here at work today not to be all pitiful and sad that I’m not in Puerto Rico again.)


Aaaaaanway, back to the front room.  We came home a week later fully prepared to dive into our new life in our happy, work-in-progress bungalow.  We opened the front door that late night after our long flight, and what to our wondering eyes did appear?  A very, very CLEAN front room.  Very clean.  Yes, various and sundry family members of ours had come over while we were basking in the Puerto Rican sun to CLEAN our front room.  Everything was swept and organized and oh, so CLEAN.  (I would say PRETTY, but it was decidedly not PRETTY; it was CLEAN though.)  And not only did that family of ours clean our front room, they did little odd jobs around the house.  (Thank you Tim H. for putting our new toilet seat on!  Oh, the little joys in life.)

Yes, as we discussed this surprise that our family blessed us with a year ago, Caleb said, “I’m glad they did that.  It was really nice.”  Yes, My Dear Man, it was really nice.