Oh, what friends will get you to do…

A couple weeks ago, a long-time friend posted on Facebook:

“I’m sure many of you are wondering how Zumba went this morning.
It was a BLAST!!
I left there totally pumped for the day!! And I’m super excited/can’t wait for our next class on Thursday… even if it does start at 5:30am instead of the advertised 5:45am.
Yes, I’m a fan of Zumba!!”

You see, last summer, I got a Zumba video from the library.  I go the the gym regularly, but it was getting boring, so I thought some sort of exercise video would be the perfect way to spice things up………BWHAHAHAHAHA!!!!  (For those who don’t know, Zumba is a exercise thingy-ma-jigger that you do in a Latin dance music.)

Let me just say that this girl dances like a home school, white, church girl (please put the emphasis on the “home school” part – it is the key to the whole picture).  I quickly learned through my library Zumba video that I.Cannot.Dance.  I was mortified.  (Why was I mortified, and why did I think I would be able to do Latin dance after two lessons?  Ummm, NOT SURE.)

Anyway, a couple months have passed since those video lessons in my living room.  A couple months must be enough time to forget all the times you threw the TV remote in disgust as the instructor shimmied her way through the exercise.  Because after seeing Amanda’s Facebook post, I promptly signed up to attend a ZUMBA class with real live PEOPLE at FIVE THIRTY in the morning.


We have a ball (except, I must admit, for this morning when I opted to sleep in instead).  Maybe it’s because it’s something different than climbing on a treadmill for thirty minutes.  Maybe it’s because I know a little more about what to expect.  Maybe it’s because I have loosened up through these last few months and lowered my expectations for my dancing abilities.  MAYBE it’s because I’m meeting six crazy friends to do this together.  And MAYBE it’s because those friends are home school, white, church girls who can’t dance either.