I had Monday off this past weekend, thanks to MLK.  Fortunately, My Man also had off (not because of MLK though, just because it landed that-a-way).

What do I dream about on a three-day weekend?  I dream of work, not paid work, mind you, just work-at-home work.  So, me wakes up too early for a day off and gets down to it.  Floors swept, vacuumed and mopped…check.  Dishwasher unloaded, reloaded and started…check.  Furniture project started…check.  Family room walls mudded…check.

Caleb woke up mid-morning because he had been working the previous night and just gotten home.  And like any annoyingly overzealous wife, I asked him what grand and glorious projects HE was going to work on.  Poor man.  He simply asked, “Are you planning on working ALL day?”  Ummmm………yeeeeesss?

I kept thinking of his question.  Sigh  “Work will always be there,” Mom always told us.  “We should,” as she would say, “go on a lark.”  So larked we did.  We larked our way down to the nothing town of Picher, Oklahoma.


When I say nothing, I mean NUTHIN’.  It’s a modern day ghost town that Caleb discovered on one of his motorcycle trips.  So, we drove three hours (actually, more like four because what good is a lark if there isn’t some meandering along the way?).


This here ghost town has a strange history.  It became a lead and zinc mining town in the extreme.  Mountains of mined earth cover the landscape in every which way you look.  Eventually, contamination and dangerous underground cavities forced everyone to move.  I say everyone.  There are two homes in the middle of the ghost town where, for some reason, the owners chose to stay.





Anyway, we drove around the “town,” some neighborhoods with vacant houses, some “neighborhoods” with only foundations left.  And we explored a building that used to be a museum.





After our exploration of fascinating little Picher, we drove home, stopping for supper at a quaint little delicious Mexican restaurant in Coffeyville.  For what lark is complete without discovering a mom and pop restaurant, I ask you?

Yes, I was blessed with a lark and with a husband who prompts us to live a little in the midst of all our work.