Friday evening, we had a “once in a lifetime opportunity,” and we almost didn’t take it.

Isn’t that the way life goes?  You talk about something you love, you dream about it, you spend a little time on it.  And then, when you’re toodling along in life, you have a sudden chance to actually participate in that dream.  But participating means investing more than a passing interest in it.  And, as everyone knows, life is busy.  “Tonight is just not a good night for me,” Mr. Opportunity.  “Could you come back another time when I don’t want to just go home and crawl into my pajamas and watch a movie?”  We fail to remember at the moment that Mr. Opportunity rarely knocks twice.

In the past, God has blessed both My Man and me with some pretty amazing life experiences.  Sometimes we jumped at the chance; sometimes we were pushed into it.  Either way it happened, we were left with lessons learned and memories made.

However, life can also have it’s regrets.  I have enough regrets to fill a book and to know that I want to minimize them whenever possible in the future.  And so, we didn’t go home on Friday night and crawl into our pajamas and watch a movie…

…we went to a casting call for our beloved show, The Amazing Race!


Yes, our fair city, small-ish in size, was the proud host to the chance at being on That Most Wonderful Show of All.


Honestly, we don’t expect to be chosen or even being close to being chosen as participants in The Amazing Race.  But today I think the thought of “I wish we would have gone” would have plagued me if we had passed up the chance.


We both had a great time – standing in line with hundreds of other crazies, being interviewed and filmed for a whole sixty seconds and then leaving.  It was a memory…a memory we almost passed up.


Live life fully.  Make memories when you have the chance.