Welp, there was another birthday in this ol’ family of ours.  Glorie turned the ripe old age of fourteen.  We called and sang to her on THE day (well, I sang; the other person in my family didn’t sing).

But birthdays just can’t be birthdays until you do more than call and sing to someone on the phone.  Therefore, The Man and I decided to take The Girl out for some free pie the next night.  Yes, we’re big spenders, I know.  But Village Inn offers free pie with any purchase on Wednesdays, and why would you ever pass up free pie?  Good ol’ Village Inn.


We talked and laughed and probably disturbed the quiet people in the next booth.  We ate pie and drank coffee (that we purchased in order to get the free pie).  I ate the most delectable pie until I felt like I never wanted to see food again in my life.  Oh, but that pie was goooood though.


Every family needs to have a fourteen year old girl in it.   Our Girl is such a dear.  I call her Glorious.  I like her.  She is fun.  She is perky and brightens our life.

The End.