Every little penny saved is a BLESSING.  And I’m all about the daily blessings on here.  Sooo, I’m going to be posting more about what we’ve been doing to save those pennies.

One of the money saving blogs I read has the tagline, “Being frugal in some ways, so we don’t have to be in others!”  Another money saving blog often expresses the goal of saving money for a specific goal or purpose, in their case, to give more to others in need.

My money saving purpose combines those two ideas.  I will skip fast food so I can buy a Starbucks drink.  And our specific goal is to pay off our house (and therefore be completely debt free) in a couple years.  Will we spend money on something someone else deems silly?  Yes.  Will we pinch pennies on something someone else considers absolutely necessary?  Yes.  That’s the wonderful world of saving – it’s completely customized to each person/family.

So, that’s my extremely long introduction to my money saving (actually money making idea) for today.  I’m posting it because we are smack dab in the middle of “it” right now.  What is “it”?



Yes, those overpriced books that come out with new editions every year or so.  Did I say they are OVERPRICED???  Come on, who wants to pay $125 for one book?!

When I was 15 or 16, Mom blessed with with an amazing life lesson.  She gave me a small stack of school books that had not sold at the home school book fair and told me that I could keep whatever money earned from selling them.  Thus, my love affair with selling things online was born.  I promptly set up an Ebay account, listed the books and watched the bids come in.  It made me just a wee bit giddy.  Those previously unwanted textbooks brought in well over $100.

Throughout college, I used this lesson to buy and sell textbooks online.  I eventually just bought older editions that had been changed very little.  Then, I came to the point of checking out as many as I could find at the college or local library.  Who knew libraries had textbooks!  One semester, the total price for books through the school would have been $438.85 for five classes.  I paid $110 for the books I couldn’t get through the library and sold those books for $54.  (Yes, I have all this documented and in my records.  Yes, I know that is slightly OCD.)

Aaaanyway, my dear man is in the middle of college right now, and the textbook game is back for me.  We buy the books through Craigslist, Ebay or Amazon (one was through the library, but his books are a little harder to find this way).  And then I sell them on Ebay.  Right now, I’m being a little obsessive about checking my Ebay account every hour or so to see just how much the bidding is up to.

Oh, the wonderful world of textbooks!  Oh, the wonderful world of something that used to be a drudgery used by God to be a blessing in our lives!