You know, I’ve started a number of posts on here today.  I type away, making something appear on the blank screen.  Then I re-read what I’ve just written and, my goodness, it’s AWFUL.  It’s not thankful; it’s not encouraging; it’s not about a blessing.  Methinks, “I had so many post ideas just a couple weeks ago, what happened?”  That’s what methinks.  (Is methinks one word or two?)

I’m thinkin’ one answer is that I’m out of practice for being thankful for my daily blessings.  Nothing’s changed in life, but at least for the past couple weeks, I’ve not consciously thought about the good things in life.  I took a “break” from the blog because I could not think of “good things” happening in my life right then and I was tired and super busy and in a slump and tired and super busy.

But maybe, just maybe, when I’m tired and super busy and in a slump, I shouldn’t “take a break” from consciously looking at all the blessings in life.  That’s why I started this blog, after all…you would have thought I learned my lesson the first time around.  Looking for blessings amidst all the day to day stuff gets my focus off of poor-me-look-what-I-have-to-do-today, and gets it back on The One who blesses me “exceedingly, abundantly more than I could ask or think.”

So, I’m back on here, getting back into the habit of seeing those ordinary blessings in my daily life…because my life is chock FULL of those little blessings.