Baking.  It is on my top five list of must-do Christmas activities.  Yes, there are a multitude of other Christmassy things I love, but baking is a necessity, absolutely and without a doubt.


As far as the baking department goes, I’ve only had pieces of time here and there instead of an entire day just to fix little Christmas goodies like I wanted to.  And the trays of pastries and cookies I wanted to deliver to our neighbors?  Yeah, unfortunately, they didn’t happen.  The baking has still been fun though, and most of it’s gotten done.


So, in those bits and pieces of time, I’ve cranked up the Christmas music, turned on the Christmas lights and heated up the stove.  Smells of cherry turnovers and gingerbread men and cranberry bread fill the kitchen.  I eat an entire day’s worth of calories “testing” each thing and “cleaning” each bowl.  Flour is on my clothes; powdered sugar is on the floor; fudge is on my lips, and icing is on my elbow (how did that get there?); pots and pans and spatulas and spoons fill every flat surface.  I am not a clean baker.  But I’m a happy one!


So, as I dance around the kitchen, pulling pans out of the oven, singing “Blue Christmas” Elvis-style and squealing that the bread loaves actually came out of the pan without breaking, I wish you a Merry Christmas Eve and hope you are enjoying your many blessings today!