This past weekend, The Man and I took a trip to good ol’ Branson, Missouri.  ‘Twas glorious; ’twas special, just me and My Man.

The main reason was to go to Silver Dollar City, which we did with delight.  Of course, Sparky went with us.  He’s our traveling gnome that gets his picture taken in all the exotic places we go, places like Branson.  🙂


We rode the rides.  Yes, it was cold.  Yes, it was spritzing rain.  Yes, you have to ride rides at Silver Dollar City, even in the winter.


And why did we go to Silver Dollar City just days away from Christmas, you ask?  Because!  That’s when all the millions of Christmas lights are up.  Ok, so we could have gone in November, but Christmas lights in November just don’t sound as charming as Christmas lights at Christmas.  I attempted many pictures of this fabulous spectacle, but my little camera just wasn’t up to the task of “good” pictures.  Ya’ just had to be there.


But we didn’t just go to SDC, the next day (my birthday!) we attended a wonderful play of Jesus’ birth at the Sight and Sound Theater.  If you are EVER in Branson (or Lancaster, PA), you MUST go see a show at the Sight and Sound Theater.  They are a Christian organization who put on amazing and accurate Biblical plays.


At the beginning of the trip, we visited some dear friends in Springfield, had wonderful evening of food and conversation and enjoyed their two adorable boys.  At the end of the trip, we went back to Springfield for some more amazing food…at Lamberts (another must-do).  Sparky was there too.


The trip back went very well, considering that home had been hit with an ice and snow storm.  It was a purdy drive.


*sigh*  We had a grand time, and I was spoiled.  Yes, it was a weekend of blessings for sure.