Yes, being born ’tis truly a blessing.  I’m thankful for it.


The hospital sent me home in a Christmas stocking which I dutifully stepped into each year to get my picture taken and see “how much I’d grown.”  That is, until I become far to “grown” to fit my feet in.  But that stocking did become my Christmas stocking to hang up.  Do you realize the benefit of having such a large Christmas stocking to fill?


Mom was always wonderful about not letting my birthday get lost in the Christmas hub bub.  So, she actually went overboard in her efforts, bless her.  And she hasn’t stopped just because I’m married either.  She bought me an early birthday present and then another smaller present so “You would have something to open at the party.”  She had a birthday party for us a couple weeks ago and a birthday breakfast the next morning.  And she came up to my work to bring me her world famous fudge as an extra “birthday present.”  In the past she’s sent me flowers, thrown me parties and fixed me my special request of homemade ice cream.


Yes, I appreciate being born, and being born at Christmastime especially makes it the most wonderful time of the year.