Long, long ago on a cold winter night, a baby was born.  It was the firstborn child.  It was a Christmas baby.  Her name was Grace.  (You thought I was talking about Someone Else didn’t you?)


This child not only was the firstborn to her parents, she was the first grandchild on her mother’s side.  Her parents and grandparents and aunts loved her dearly.  They dressed her in Christmas outfits and carried her around proudly.


She grew and grew and provided many funny stories for her adoring family to tell their friends and relatives.  She became a real live miniature person for her eleven-year-old Aunt to tote around and play with and hang out with.  They grew up together.  She became a companion.  She became a friend.  Today she is eighteen.


Eleven years later another firstborn arrived.  He was another Christmas baby, but his mother determined that he would have his own birthDAY.  Seeing that December 10 and 12 were taken, and December 17 and 19 and 21 were spoken for, this would be no small feat.  But his mother was determined, and his own birthDAY he would have…December 20.  His name would be Axel.


This child was the firstborn to his parents and the first grandchild on his father’s side.  His parents and grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins loved him dearly.  They didn’t dress him in Christmas outfits, but they carried him around proudly.


He grew and grew and provided more funny stories than any one child should be capable of.  His Aunt, though not able to tote and devote as much time to him, loved him dearly and played with him and captured memories with him.  Tomorrow he will be seven.


Happy Birthday to my sisters’ firstborns!  You have forever changed my life.  🙂