I love picking out that one thing that will make someone smile.  I love Christmas shopping.  Most years, I start the shopping early with great hopes of finishing most of it before December.  It’s never worked.  It’s kind of like a remodeling project – the fun ends waaaay before the work does.  There’s always a point in December when I’m running around far into the evening, grouchy because I can’t find the right gift, grouchy because of the traffic, grouchy because I just feel like being grouchy.

However, this past Saturday???  Aaaahhhhh, wonder of all wonders, I spent hours out Christmas shopping, and it was splendid (not GROUCHY)!  My Man was at work, so there was no one to rush home to; I had carved out that afternoon for SHOPPING, so nothing else was really on the “to do” list; AND, this is My Man’s and my first married Christmas, and I was out shopping for him.  🙂

We set a dollar amount for each of us to spend on the other.  That might seem so, umm,  maybe blech.  Kind of like knowing what someone paid for your gift?  But that’s not the case for me at all.  I find great relief being able to buy whatever I want for The Guy within that certain dollar amount.  I’m a numbers and budget kind of girl, so for Caleb to be willing to give me that gift of budgeting and Christmas spending freedom is maybe the best thing he could have done.

Anyway, so I shopped and browsed and thought about what I should get The Most Wonderful Man in the World.  And then I came home and wrapped gifts and put them under the tree.

Christmas Presentsvia

I know Christmas isn’t allll about the gifts, but let’s face it, gifts are a big part of Christmas.  I don’t think that’s wrong or bad or un-Christian.  I’m just glad that God blessed me with an afternoon of pure, joyful Christmas shopping in honor of the most Important Gift that He gave us so long ago.