Yes, I talk about family a lot as my daily blessing, but, well, they’re kind of a big part of my life…and my blessings.  This past weekend was big in the family department, so I shall lump it all into one “blessing.”  Hey, the month only happens once a year, ya’ might as well enjoy it to the max, right?

Thursday night we invited Caleb’s family over for supper and games.  I am working on and, for the most part, succeeding in being more laid back when people come over.  Caleb did the grocery shopping and fixed the chili.  (Have I ever said that The Man is amazing?!)  Anyway, it was relaxing and an evening full of fun.  (And I, again, forgot to take pictures of the people…sheesh.)


Friday night, we had the nieces and nephews over for a slumber party…yes, all ten of them came!  What a grand time it was too.  Evening started out with a couple games of Twister, food (including clementines dipped in melted chocolate that Grace brought – she is a dear) and movies.  Everyone was amazing. and fun. and crazy. and fun. but NOT relaxing. that’s ok ’cause it was fun.



And then Sunday evening, we had all of my family over for the December family birthday party.  Aaaaahhhhh, bring on our traditional ice cream cake!  I didn’t have any candles, so Tracey shared an idea she had seen online…did you know crayons works just as well as candles?  They do.  We talked and ate and opened gifts and burned crayons.

DSC04220   DSC04224


And Monday, well, maybe you noticed that I didn’t write a post on Monday.  Yes, Monday I was recuperating and catching up from the big weekend.  No blog post.

Yes, we are blessed by lots of family that lives nearby.  I am thankful.  And tired.