Today is my sister Tracey’s birthday!  So, Happy Birthday to her!!!  Mom takes her kids on Thursdays, so, I believe that might be one of the best presents a mother of four young kids can get – time.  Alone.  I don’t know; it’s just a guess.

Her husband’s birthday was two days ago.  Tim is a pretty good brother-in-law.  😉  I thought I would go ahead and mention him on here just so he knows that I haven’t forgotten him (because I know he reads this blog faithfully…hardy-har).

So, despite being nine years apart, Tracey and I have been close, hmmm, I think our whole lives?  One year, we were thrilled that Tracey turned 21 on the 12th and I turned 12 on the 21st – a moment we marked down as an historical event.

Me and two of my best friends

Me and two of my best friends

We had occasional quarrels and spats and spent more than a couple times hugging on the couch as mom’s 30 minute timer slowly ticked by.  (A hated yet brilliant punishment.)  But we had, by far, more times of fun and excitement.

After toodling around Europe and Russia and all those fascinating lands afar, she promised that if she wasn’t married by the time she turned thirty that we would go to Europe together.  Bwahaha…she missed the cutoff date by six months…and I held her to her promise.  Not until I was planning my own wedding did I realize that traveling overseas three months before you get married might just be overwhelming.  Oh, the memories we made though.

Yes, we’ve made many memories.  We danced jigs together when Mom and Dad left for trips, leaving us home alone and then working on crazy stupid remodeling projects.  She was my lifeline my freshmen year in South Carolina.  I would drive to spend as many weekends as I could with her in North Carolina.  (Yeah, didn’t like school life all that much  at all.)


So, Happy Birthday seestor, who now lives four blocks from me.  And Happy Birthday Tim who lets us borrow his tools.