You’re a little kid.  You wake up on any given weekday morning and happen to glance outside.  Then you see it.  IT SNOWED!!!!!!!!!  Not only did it snow, but it snowed enough for school to declare A SNOW DAY!!!!!!!!!  Whahoo!  Yippee!!  FreeeEEEEEEeeeedddOOOOOOm!!!!!!!


Yeah.  Well, I missed out.  No snow days for this little kid.  This little kid was home schooled.  Ok, so there were many other perks to the whole home schooling thing, but snow days weren’t one of them.

Therefore, I have transferred my childhood snow day anticipation into adulthood.  Yes, this past Sunday morning, we woke up with a thin sheet of semi hazardous ice on the roads.  No worry.  I made it to church, and we sang and worshiped and had a wonderful time.  But at the end of the service, our pastor stood up and announced that since the weather was supposed to get worse throughout the day, Sunday evening church would be canceled.  Whahoo!  Yippee!!  It’s a snoOOOOOWWWW DaAAAAYYYYYYY!!!!!  I felt like standing up right then and there and shouting



Does that make me un-spiritual?  Maybe.  I’m sorry; I just get excited for snow (or ice) days.  It’s an unexpected gift of a quiet evening at home or maybe (when it snows) an opportunity to get together for a party or sledding or something.  Or, in this recent case, a chance to go visit My Man at work for a longer time.


So, as the weather grows colder this winter and the snow or ice starts to fall, I don’t complain.  Nope, not one bit.  For one thing, I love that kind of weather, and for another thing, I just might get another unexpected snow day.  🙂