In the midst of the many holiday celebrations, the girls of our family always go out for coffee for the family female fa-la-la-la-la festivities.  (Sorry, I got carried away.  I mean all the girl December birthdays – Tracey, Grace and me.)

This year, since there was a movie that was just released on DVD that we’ve all been waiting for for YEARS, we decided to make the coffee visit into a girl’s night at mom and dad’s house.  We had a grand ol’ chick flick, female flittin’ time with a house full of girls plus one man.  Buuut, seeing that the man was dad and that he raised three daughters, he’s used to chick flick, female flittin’ times…in fact, he enjoys them too.


Christy brought her shwanky coffee maker and made mochas and steamers galore; we ate an abundance of food and shared only one conversation that had eight year old Ellie exclaiming, “There are chIIIldren present!” and stalking out of the room.  Everyone curled up with blankets on the couches to watch a pretty good, completely sappy movie.  Seeing that it was a girl’s party with a good number of those girls going sans makeup and in PJs, we took a minimal number of people pictures.


Grace and I decided to spend the night, and the next morning, Mom and Dad spoiled us with a purely delicious breakfast fit for two girls celebrating their Christmas birthdays.


As mom’s hometown newspaper always put it, “A good time was had by all.”  And I am very thankful for the blessing of seestors and parents and nieces who can gather together for a girl’s night (plus one man).