Last weekend, Caleb and I went to pick out our very first Christmas tree for our very first Christmas of wedded bliss.  He is the kind of man who shall never, NEVER settle for an artificial tree, that’s why I married him.  Ok, so we don’t traipse through the woods and cut our own; we go to Walmart, but the festive feeling at Walmart still works for us (besides, Walmart trees smell just as good as forest trees).

He is the ever patient sort of man who never complains when I, yet again, say, “Wait, I want to get a picture!”  That’s also why I married him.

So, here are few pictures of the blessing of our very first Christmas tree-putting-up and house decorating evening in our very first little home…




This is the season that I truly would love to have over tons of friends to chat and chatter and enjoy Christmas together.  But since that is really not possible (at least this year), I’ll pretend.  So, welcome to our home.  Grab a cup of coffee, click here for some Christmas music and stay as long as you’d like.


A dear friend gave me a whole bunch of these frames a couple years ago, and I want to put a picture of our family in one and add it to the tree every year.  This is actually My Man’s and my fourth Christmas “together” (side note, not living together, just dating together), but I haven’t gotten around to the other three frames.  Hopefully before the end of December?


So I had to have a Charlie Brown tree (or two) ’cause, umm, well, I guess I like them.  And since there are more than enough free for the taking in my parent’s pasture, then why not?  Oh, and mom was sweet enough to buy these deer that she really liked and I really liked and give them to me early for my birthday.  Thanks mom (and dad).








Merry Christmas to all!