I’m excited!  Today, I’m counting as a blessing the sounds of the season that just give that Christmas feeling.

The songs that are most special to me are the ones from my childhood, but I’m learning more than ever this year that my childhood Christmas songs aren’t necessarily Caleb’s childhood Christmas songs.  “What do you mean you don’t want to listen to Glen Campbell while we decorate the Christmas tree?!”  All is well though, and I don’t take it too much to heart for we are making new sounds of Christmas memories while still holding onto the old ones.

Since he’s the best, I shall start off with…Glen Campbell.  Seriously, this is THE Christmas album of all Christmas albums.  And it isn’t complete until listened to on a record player…big sound, clear audio and all that stuff now-a-days just can’t compete with a scratchy record player at Christmas time.

So, here is a YouTube recording I found, record player jumps and scratches included.  Aaaaah, drink it in…

glenGlen in all his glory

But, as I said, we are making new Christmas music traditions.  One that I think is one of our favorites is Celtic Women.

celticCeltic Women

Our local radio station begins Christmas music towards the end of November.  I was wAiting and wAIting for it this year.  It finally came on on a day when there were snow flurries.  I squealed.  I surely did.  Ok, so they play many of the same songs over and OVER, but one of the best is, hmm, well it’s hard to pick a “best,” but one of my all-time favorites they play is none other than Karen Carpenter.  It reminds me of my first time away from home while at school in South Carolina.


Everybody knows and loves this next song.  (Do I get extra points for listening to non-Christmas Bing Crosby music during the year?  I think that’s worth something.)  Listening to it now just gives me shivers.

bingGood ol’ Bing

Then, of course, there’s Josh Groban.


*sigh*  So many songs, so little time.  I have gobs more, but that might make this post a little lengthy.  So I shall just quit here.  Besides, I need to get back to listening to my favorite sounds of the season.