I’m back to this little ol’ blog.  When my normal schedule gets changed up (like with a four-day weekend), I usually unplug from everything computer for pretty much the entire time.  So, yes, I was very thankful for the abundant blessings from this past Thanksgiving weekend.  I was just busy enjoying those blessing instead of writing about them.

This past weekend is hands down one of my most favorite weekends.  Thursday is, well, Thanksgiving with family and food and relaxin’.  My Man and I are so very blessed with lots of family.  I mean LOTS.  I only have two sisters, but those two sisters have ten fantabulous kids.  There are kids everywhere, and holidays are just so much better with kids around (not that I don’t love the adults too).

Caleb has eight siblings.  His parents house is already full with family and friends during holidays…it’s going to be a complete blast when kids on that side of the family start coming along (their first grandchild is due in March!).

… my sister-in-law is pregnant.  Not me.

Anywho…family.  Of course, the holiday is about family.  (Ok, I only have pictures from my side of the family.  For some reason, whenever we go to his side, I get all flubbery and shy and don’t get my camera out.  I always kick myself afterwards.  We had a great time with Caleb’s family despite the lack of pictures.)

IMG_3678  IMG_4049






Aaron’s birthday was Thanksgiving day as well.  He was born on Thanksgiving, and it took eleven years for it to fall on the holiday again.


And the food.  THE best day for pigging out and eating even when you’re full.  My mom and sisters made the delicacies pictured here.  I, well, I made a vegie tray.  Ok, and sweet potato casserole, but it wasn’t picture worthy either.  🙂

collage IMG_4081

So, we ate, we visited, we played games and ping pong, and watched football; we enjoyed each other and thanked God for all that He has given us.