We have another room done!!!!  I am so very excited, words cannot describe.  This house remodel thing is working out after all.

After the colossal project of the front room, we decided the next room would be our small and relatively easy library.  (Well, I call it the library.  Caleb calls it the nursery; he has called it that since the very beginning.  But since we have books and not *ahem* anything (or anyone) else, then “the library” it shall be for now.)

Ok, compared to the front room, it was “relatively easy,” but beware when you call any project “easy” before you begin.  Eh, it took a little longer than expected, but it’s done now!  Here we go for the leetle tour.

Before and after:

couch BA

entrance BA

stairs BA 2

As always, I didn’t think to get TRUE before pictures.  Next time we buy a house, I’m going to go through each and every room before we move in and take pictures of everything.  Lesson learned.  But these are pretty close to the before.  Just imagine nasty, stained carpet (I mean NASTY) and the railing painted hunter green.  Oh, and no door hung.

A few more befores:



Now for the during pictures.  My Man did do a good bit of work in here, but I considered this primarily “my” project.

First, stripping off the wallpaper.  Thankfully, I have wonderful family who helped.  I hate stripping wallpaper.




And then skim coating all the walls and then sanding and skim coating and sanding…  Thank goodness my dear husband is more particular than me.  I would have thrown in the towel long before  and ended up with nasty looking walls.  Pretty sure I cried once or twice during this process.


FINALLY, the painting.  Prepping to paint always takes so much longer than actually painting.



And the little projects that turn into boogers like hanging straight crown molding on crooked 110 year old walls.


And then the laying the pad and carpet. (Hire it done?  Why would we do a sane thing like that???)…


The pad was easy, so easy that I thought I could do the carpet by myself when Caleb was at work.

It weren’t so easy.  But, by george, with some wrangling, tugging, pulling, an ice cream break, and just a couple scratches on the wall, I got that booger laid out.  (I waited for The Man to stretch it though.)





I guess I didn’t learn my carpeting lesson because the next weekend I decided to carpet the stairs by myself.  They were a little easier to wrangle though.  (No pictures; I was busy.)

Then the fun stuff of moving things in and organizing books and making curtains and all that stuff.


And, finally, the finished product!  Ok, not quite finished.  There are a few things left, and I keep rearranging stuff, but this is the “close enough finished product.”



IMG_3947  IMG_3974

IMG_3954   IMG_3989





This room has quickly become our favorite for hanging out to watch movies or read.



And thus ends this horrendously long post.  Next up on the house remodel list: the family room and downstairs bathroom.  It miiiight just be a while before I’m able to post “after” pictures of those projects.  We’ll keep trekking and crying and having a ball in the mean time though.