I have often said that nothing good came from the 1980’s.  At which point, my mom will say, “But you were born in the ’80’s.”  Ok, I’m speaking more about the styles, the styles, and, oh, how ’bout the styles?  And also the music, the cars, the movies.  Ugh.  I do not appreciate.

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Ok, so in recent years, I’m coming to appreciate the ’80’s more and more.  I think nostalgia is taking over my normally reasonable self the more time passes.  I have fond memories of socks slouched just right, of the side pony tail, of tying up an over sized shirt on the side with a hair band.  My sisters were in their prime as teenagers during this decade, and I was often their subject of fashion practice.

But one thing from the 1980’s that I’m coming to realize my true appreciation for is the technology.  Yes, I know, crazy but true.  Why I’m thinking and writing about it right now is beyond me.

This does not mean that I don’t love modern technology.  I do.  But tell me, what modern item can adequately replace the old Fisher Price record player?  (Maybe this was my sisters’ toy from the ’70’s, but I enjoyed it in the ’80’s.)

recordOr the mother of all that is beautiful in technology for kids, the Fisher Price tape player?


This and blank tapes kept me entertained for hours.  LOVE.  Yes, I still have at least one of my tapes from those sessions.  Hearing my 4 year old self, my mom singing David and Goliath, my grandma talking to me?  Priceless. (haha pun not intended)

I toted this treasured toy everywhere, and when I wasn’t recording, I was listening to stories like these.


Someday, I will find a Fisher Price tape player at a garage sale and snatch it up for my kids to one day enjoy.

But, Lord willing, I will never subject them to the ’80’s styles and music.  Some things are better left in the nostalgic past.