I am spoiled.  Since my two sisters are eleven and nine years older than me, I had the perks of siblings and the perks of sort of being an only child.  Now, my parents didn’t let me do just anything my little heart desired.  They worked hard to teach me that tantrums weren’t acceptable (though I can still throw them with the best of ’em), that if I wanted something I should work to pay for it (up front) and that life isn’t always a bowl of cherries.  Buuuut, in everyday life, I am spoiled.  It makes for interesting adult pouting fits when I start to realize that everything can’t always go my way.  (My poor husband.)

Take sleeping for instance.  Caleb, who grew up with eight siblings, can sleep through anything.  I, on the other hand, will go upstairs, shut the door and still be kept awake by his quiet rummaging in the kitchen downstairs.  (You can imagine how living in a college dorm went for me.)

But today, I am thankful for my state of spoiledness.  You see, I have a sore throat.  Ibuprofen is getting me through work, but it’s still there and I’m just in that I wanna curl up and go to sleep mode.  So, I canceled my mid-afternoon and evening plans and will go home all by myself.

I will curl up with a blanket and sleep.


I will take my vitamins and disgusting natural remedies.


and drink hot cups of tea with lemon and honey.


I might pick up a book I’ve been wanting to read,


or maybe work on a non-taxing little project that’s been sitting around,


and will definitely be watching a few episodes from this amazing new show.

paradiseThe Paradise

In this season of my life, I will relish this chance to be a baby and do nothing ’cause of a little ol’ sore throat.  Yes, I am spoiled sick.