I have a confession.  Every single month since we’ve been married, I’ve gone over the grocery budget.  Grrr.  This isn’t a crisis, but it annoys me.  Reason would tell me, “Duh, set the monthly amount higher.”  No.  I have an amount in my mind, and I WILL someday meet that goal.  I will; I will; I will; I haven’t.

However, I am slowly getting better at this monthly exercise.  Something that’s helped?  Our cute little Walmart Neighborhood Market.


To me, time is almost as precious a commodity as money.  I don’t have time to run to a whole bunch of stores getting this deal or that deal.  My solution is to look at the store ads each week, make a list of items and price match at Walmart.  Boo-yah!  Though I still stop at a few other stores, Walmart is my stock-up place.

Now, another thing…I do NOT like big Walmarts.  Back in the 1990’s and early 2000’s, there was a mass abandonment of small stores.  Our little Walmart moved into a new Super Walmart; Target became Super Target; the small town Dillons became a mega Dillons.  You could get everything from furniture to lawn equipment to milk all in the same trip.  The problem was that tripping around those mega stores takes forever.  I am that brainless ninny who traipses across the store several times forgetting this thing or that.

When the powers that be started building a little Walmart Neighborhood Market on my way home, I thought, “Goodness gracious, how many stores does one town need?”  Oh, but this isn’t a store.  It’s a reversion back to the good ol’ days.  It’s a small town grocery market that sells…groceries.

So, today on my way home, I will stop by my little store and price match to get pineapple for $0.99, 10 pounds of potatoes for $1.50, bacon for $2.99 and cream cheese for $0.79 – all prices from four stores bought from ONE store.  Glory hallelujah!

I think this might just be the month I stay within our grocery budget.