I know I said that I wouldn’t write anything starry-eyed for a while since this post, but, awww shucks, when you have a guy as wonderful as mine, ya’ just can’t help it.  Besides, this blog is all about blessings, and he certainly blesses my soul.

I always tell Caleb that he is My Hero because, well, he is and because he has a hero’s job.  He is a fireman.  I know, how many sexy uniforms can one man have, right?  (Sorry, Mom.  There are just some times that a girl has to use that word.  ;-))


When I call him at work or when he comes home, I ask him, “Who did you rescue today?”  Sometimes he tells me hilariously funny stories about crazy people.  Sometimes he doesn’t feel like talking, so he says, “Oh, no one today.”  Sometimes, he tells me, “We had a fire.”

This past week has been especially busy for my hero-guy.  Now Caleb is very mellow.  He doesn’t get all crazy excited about much.  (That’s why he needs me!  Opposites attract, right?  haha) So, I have learned that if I want more than a couple details, that I have to probe.  And to fill in the pieces, I go to the internet for information, ’cause the internet is good for stuff like that.

November 12 – Apartment fire.  (click here for the story)  Caleb was one of the two firemen who were “first in” to the fire.  My Hero actually kicked down the door to the apartment where the fire was burning.  (I so wish that a camera crew could follow him around.  😉 )  Thankfully, he was not the firefighter that was shocked by exposed wires.


November 15 – House fire.  (click here for the story)  Again, My Fireman was one of the “first in” to fight the fire.  Unfortunately, the owner died, but they were able to put out the fire quickly.


November 18 – Gunshot victim (click here for story).  A customer at a convenience store was shot in the face by a robber.  They tried to save the man.  Caleb did chest compressions on him in the ambulance the whole way to the hospital.


I am thankful for all the unsung heroes around us today that do the jobs that, I for one, would not want to deal with.  I am also thankful that I have an amazing man.  The fact that he is one of those heroes?  Bonus.